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Gefunden: Skellig Michael

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Being here 1987 - 30 years ago - this rock is still fascinating. At that time, only a handful of people were together on that rock to visit the monastery and to enjoy the fantastic view to the Kerry coastline. The weather then was sunny hot with a blue sky. And there were no fences at Christ's Saddle.
Today, we did not had such a nice weather but rain showers hit us between sunny phases. However, the view was again fantastic. The climb up to the monastery was much harder than I could remember but I finally made it again.
Only the crowd spoiled the location a little bit, but this is probably how it is today with growing tourism and the Star Wars effect
We enjoyed our short stay here and would like to say thank you for this EC.
Team marsipulami0815
Claudi, Tim, Marcus

Owner: PAMAH
Typ: earth
D/T: 2/5
Land: Irland
Region: Munster
Koordinaten : N 51° 46.195 W 010° 32.352
Gelegt: 18.08.2013
Status: ok
Erfahrung: (e)
Gefunden: 08.08.2017
Eigene Wertung: 5.0
Gesamtzahl Bewertungen: 4
Durchschnitt: 4.25
Median: 4.5
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