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Gefunden: G.C.1.G.C. (Gran Canaria's 1st Geo Cache)

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Great! Fantastic place for a geocache! We made it not the hard way reached the peak by car coming from the north via Santa Brigida. It was also a nice drive in the morning hours and when we arrived at the peak, there was only the kiosk owner preparing his kiosk for the masses ...
Due to clean air this morning we had great a panoramic view from the peak and enjoyed it very much up there.

Thanks for showing this tremendous panorama.

Team marsipulami0815
Claudia & Marcus

This entry was edited by marsipulami0815 on Sunday, 18 March 2012 at 13:24:30 UTC.

Owner: Hawkeyes, adopted by Ringeck
Typ: traditional
D/T: 2/4.5
Land: Spanien
Region: Islas Canarias
Koordinaten : N 27° 57.742 W 015° 34.409
Gelegt: 10.09.2001
Status: ok
Erfahrung: (e)
Gefunden: 15.03.2012
Team: CM
Eigene Wertung: 5.0
Gesamtzahl Bewertungen: 42
Durchschnitt: 4.4404761904762
Median: 4.5
1 Sterne Wertung(en): 0
2 Sterne Wertung(en): 0
3 Sterne Wertung(en): 2
4 Sterne Wertung(en): 25
5 Sterne Wertung(en): 15