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Gefunden: Bad Moon Rising

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After a busy week on a business trip via Shanghai, Hangzhou and finally to Ningbo I only had some free time today afternoon before we went back home. I took a walk from Tianyi Square to the Moon Lake and after a short search the tiny container was found ...

Unfortunately, I did not had a pen with me because I left it in my bag in the car

I do attach a photo of my colleague and me with the log and container instead. However, even if I would have had a pen I could not been log the logbook as it is still dripping wet and one must be very careful not to destroy it removing it from or putting it back into the film box.

Because of the cold and cloudy weather we had not any problems with muggles. A nice place and I believe in summertime it is even nicer to sit here when the sun is shining.

Many thanks for showing this place.

Team marsipulami0815

Owner: Friends of Elvis
Typ: traditional
D/T: 2/1.5
Land: China
Koordinaten : N 29° 52.227 E 121° 32.295
Gelegt: 12.10.2012
Status: ok
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Gefunden: 07.03.2014
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My colleague and me with the LogbookMoon Lake view